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Rob began working with Waffle Crete in 1984, less than a week after graduating from college. He was hired as a draftsman and quickly moved up to manage the drafting and engineering department. Rob is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented construction technologist with deep experience designing and drafting a wide range of concrete buildings. Rob is also a most valuable technical resource, providing expert assistance and advice to employees as well as to current and prospective partners. Rob’s extensive hands on Global Technology Building Systems construction and production experience also provides him with a deep practical understanding of panel production and erection as well as mold fabrication. Rob graduated with a BA in Industrial Technology from Fort Hays State University.


Dave is the inventor of the Waffle-Crete and Global Technology Building Systems and company founder. Dave is a talented and creative inventor and engineer with more than 50 years of experience in concrete construction and related technologies and has more than a dozen patents to his credit. Dave holds a BS degree in pre-Engineering and Geology from Fort Hays State University. He has extensive International business experience in engineering, marketing, negotiating, sales, technology transfer, and real estate development, as well as world-wide travel and face to face sales and technology transfer experience. Construction Technology Business travels and a few tourist trips have taken him to all 50 states and 50 other countries. He is an inventor with numerous US and international patents and trademarks and an innovator with a strong background in R&D, engineering, applications engineering, testing and approvals. He has developed several concrete building systems complete with engineering, testing, and International approvals. Dave is the Founder, Builder and Promoter of Rapid Construction Technology Systems for Durable, Sustainable and Affordable Concrete Homes which have proven Hurricane, Fire and Seismic Resistant and provide top notch aesthetics, value and social impact. Dave has lots of hands-on real work experience spanning over the last 45 years and has recently further improved the Systems Technology, with intentions to vigorously pursue the huge Affordable Housing needs while making a difference around the World.

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