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Global Technology Building Systems System Basics

The Global Technology Building Systems molds and curing covers, are at the heart of the Global Technology Building Systems. These rugged and lightweight molds allow for a wide range of sizes and configurations to match a specific construction application.

Key Features of Global Technology Building Systems Molds

• Lightweight and portable - panels can be cast right on the job site
• Can be fabricated up to 10' x 32' (3m x 10m) in size
• Available in configurations to cast structural walls, floors and stairs
• Flexible and adjustable mold and panel sizes. 
• Insulated  to accelerate curing & eliminate surface cracks
• Consistently casts precision size panels in a 24 hour cycle
• Waffle and grid pattern provides an error-proof template for setup by low skilled workers
• Includes a system for casting bolt holes around the perimeter of each panel (panels are connected with bolts)