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Residential Housing Projects

Over the years and around the world the Global Technology Building Systems Building System has been used to construct every imaginable type of housing; a small sampling of low to middle income housing is shown here.

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Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2020-Finalist and Honorable Mention

Fast Company annually holds the World Changing Ideas 2020 contest! We have the honor of being awarded Finalist in the category, "Developing World Technology" & Honorable Mention in "Spaces, Places and Cities." For our affordable housing systems. Global Technology Building Systems will also be recognized in the upcoming magazine issue.

World Changing Ideas 2020

Pouring Cement

Aerial View

Concrete Forms


Resilient Homes Challenge 2018 - Top 30 Finalist

Global Technology Building Systems and Grid Crete were given the chance to enter the Resilient Homes Design Challenge, sponsored by World Bank Group, Build Academy, AirBnB, GFDRR, and United Nations-Habitat. The challenge had over 300 submissions, and 3,225 participants that represented over 130 different nationalities. The challenge consisted of 3 different scenarios. The scenarios included floods, storms, earthquakes, fires, heat waves, and droughts. Each was to create a home that was cost effective, being less than $10,000.00 and sustainable. Other features that were included: budget, materials, construction process/details, expandability and visualizations to show the overall project. Overall we were placed in the top 30 from all over the world. Here is our final project.

Resilient Home Challenge 1Resilient Home Challenge 2Resilient Home Challenge 3Resilient Home Challenge 4Resilient Home Challenge 5Resilient Home Challenge 6Resilient Home Challenge 7Resilient Home Challenge 8