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Global Technology Building Systems Precast Panel Types

Examples of common panels cast in Global Technology Building Systems molds are shown here. Not shown here are stairs, grade beams and decorative eave trim panels, which can also be cast in Global Technology Building Systems molds. Global Technology Building Systems precast panels have been used to erect a remarkable array of building types, including single and multi-family houses, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, office buildings and many others.

Wall Panel

Floor/Roof Panel

The wall panel below is cast in a "Harmonized" Global Technology Building Systems wall mold, which uses an alternate rib configuration to the basic wall panel shown above. Harmonized molds add a reinforced horizontal rib to act as a header beam above door and window openings.

Door and window openings are easily added to any panel with blockouts that are embedded in the Global Technology Building Systems mold.

Wall Bracket

Key Features of Global Technology Building Systems Panels

• Can be cast one day and erected on a building the next day.
• Use half the concrete and steel of solid panels without any reduction in structural strength.
• Can be used to construct buildings up to G+9 (10 stories) without any other structural system (subject to local conditions and building codes). • Can be cast in different thicknesses and with a varying amount of reinforcement to accommodate different structural requirements.
• Can be used in combination with other building systems. For example, can be used as cladding for a steel building.
• Connected together with bolts by low skilled workers.

Bolted Wall