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Hybrid Columns

Hybrid Column and Beam System

Hybrid Building System – The precision and speed of precast concrete combined with the strength of poured-in-place columns and beams.

This innovative building concept and resulting technology provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional column and beam construction.

Precise, one-piece forms have adjustable block outs for casting column and beam element of varying sizes. Insulated forms and blanket covers allow a daily casting cycle without electric or steam heat. The plastic and aluminum mold body provides a smooth, clean surface and precise dimensions.

U-shaped precast concrete hybrid elements are joined to create the exterior shells for cast-in-place columns. Minimal shoring and bracing are required. Elements have a smooth, clean finish with no additional plastering needed.

Beam elements are cast within the same hybrid mold and set on the erected precast columns. Bracing and steel-angle clamps are used at the top and bottom of each column form to provide temporary diagonal bracing and lateral support to the system.

Global Technology Building Systems floors are structural spans that use half the concrete and steel required by conventional solid cast floors. Floor panels are set and bolted to the beam elements. Panel surfaces are smooth and level, requiring no additional topping. Lighter weight floors result in less building weight and smaller, less expensive foundations.

Precast Concrete column and beam elements are cast with shear keys to provide complete shear transfer between cast-in-place and precast concrete. They become a structural part of the reinforced poured-in-place column and beam. The column and beam grid for each floor level is poured at one time, tying all precast elements, poured-in-place columns and beams and floor panels together.

Hybrid Molds produce precast concrete elements that become an integral structural part of poured-in-place column and beam grids. The system can be designed as a Special Moment-Resisting Frame System or a combination of shear walls and Special Moment-Resisting Frame for structures in areas of severe seismic activity and high wind loads.


  • Casts both column and beam elements in the same mold
  • Molds made of durable, long-lasting plastic and aluminum
  • Overnight curing without steam or electric heat


  • Requires smaller, less expensive foundations
  • Precisely dimensioned precast elements eliminate plastering
  • Greatly reduced bracing and shoring
  • Lumber waste eliminated
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Speeds the construction process
  • Greatly reduces construction financing period
  • Creates a cleaner, safer and open construction site