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Grid Crete® - Fast and Affordable Housing

Grid Crete is a brand new, extremely lightweight, fast and durable, affordable modular concrete panel system for housing. The Grid Crete panels reduced size and weight facilitates quality construction in remote areas of developing countries.

The surface of each panel consists of 42mm thick slab of skin, stiffened with the ribs around the perimeter and across the panel, giving an overall panel thickness of 120mm, but equivalent flat slab is only 60mm thick. The bolted together panels are metric and 1200mm x 2600mm x 120mm (47” x 102” x 5”) weighing about 400 KGS or 880 # each. These eco-friendly Grid Crete panels are significantly smaller and lighter than typical Waffle Crete panels, allowing much simpler and less expensive lifting equipment to be used for demolding and erecting.

Grid Crete has just recently been demonstrated and proven for sample housing in Tanzania, Mexico and Sri Lanka in homes ranging from $10,000.00 in Sri Lanka at 500 sq ft. to $20,000.00 in Tanzania at 800 sq ft. All 3 of these demonstration projects have been built on-site using all local material and newly trained workers. After 2 weeks of on-site training the local workers are knowledgeable and efficient. Concrete and or masonry are the only materials acceptable for housing in developing countries. The problem with conventional methods of constructing housing is the very slow pace. The only way to catch up with extreme shortage of housing is to use a systems approach. We have that system and its speed and efficiency has been proven over the decades. The panel casting can be done while site work and foundations/floors are being prepared; so much time is saved with these overlapping simultaneous schedules. Grid Crete uses a unique method of OVERNIGHT CURING so each mold is available to be used daily.

For more than 40 years we have engaged in structural and architectural concrete building systems production and construction. Our Waffle Crete design has helped us advance as a company and grow internationally. The dramatic reduction in raw materials also makes Global Technology Building Systems far more sustainable than most other forms of concrete construction.
Perhaps the most critical issue facing housing markets worldwide, whether in established or emerging markets, is housing affordability. Easily associated with developing economies in Africa, South Asia, and Central and South America, the housing affordability challenge is increasingly evident.
Grid Crete withstands extreme weather conditions; it is fireproof, seismic and hurricane/typhoon resistant. It is ideal for island and coastal homes with extreme conditions, which include 200+ kph winds and earthquakes.
We are committed to improving the quality of people’s lives from all over the world by providing economical building systems for housing. Grid Crete affordable housing is designed for clients and environmental changes, offering people a safe place to live. Our projects are built as both single and multi-family housing. We have the satisfaction of knowing that our building systems can make a major difference in many lives around the globe, by providing safe, secure and affordable housing.

Lightweight, Affordable and Durable

Our lightweight and portable molds allow for remote job site panel casting and overnight curing. The modular Grid Crete precast concrete system is fast and affordable. Structures are fireproof, seismic and hurricane/ typhoon resistant.

 All of the materials are local and provide error-proof templates for setup by entry level local workers. Grid Crete structures are designed to withstand 200mph hurricanes/typhoons and Zone 4 seismic such as California magnitude earthquakes. Fire resistive concrete structures add considerable safety and security.

Bolt together panels simplify assembly and are very economical. The Grid Crete system saves up to 50% on material quantities/costs using only 2 ½” of concrete (solid slab equivalent volume) for 5” thick Grid Crete panels. The system is ideal for loadbearing walls, and capitalizes on the efficient grid / rib design to eliminate material that is normally wasted. This also reduces foundation size and costs.

Grid Crete homes do not need plastering as the panels are smooth and ready for painting. This is a big savings in time and materials. Conventional methods require plastering to smooth the rough surfaces.

            Panels are pre cast on site, in forms designed for overnight curing with daily reuse.  Reinforcing steel is cut and fabricated on site from bulk steel delivered to site. The onsite panel casting eliminates shipping costs. The entire home structure can be up in 48 hours using unskilled, briefly trained local labor and ready for painting, interior finishing, doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical installations.

Shortened construction times save interim financing and allows earlier occupancy. The Grid Crete system allows for substantially faster construction and often projects are completed in less than half the time of conventional construction. Highly durable, solid structures last longer, reducing both short-term and long-term maintenance costs. In addition, buildings hold their value better and appreciate faster than less substantial buildings.

The Grid Crete system allows for careful attention to engineering, architectural design and details, assuring quality, aesthetically pleasing buildings. Our building systems technology allows people to build strong concrete buildings on time and on budget. We achieve this by making continuous improvements to our building systems and by consistently providing quality engineering, technology and services to our customers. Our structures last 100 years and can be dismantled and repurposed for other buildings or uses, if needed.